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Step into the heart of my creative journey with a curated collection of project shots that showcase my expertise across diverse design domains. These snapshots offer a glimpse into the passion and dedication woven into every project, reflecting a commitment to excellence.


See what my clients have to say about their experience working with me

He is fantastic and beyond exponentially talented. He is great to work with and very flexible. He listens and delivers on what you hired him for instead trying to change your ideas. The work he has done for us as a team is priceless. The quality of the work is priceless. The attention to detail by itself is amazing. He took every recommendation and ideas we gave him seriously and Wow the entire team. We were pleased, delighted, hyper happy and beyond explanation. We will absolutely come back for more. That’s inevitable. Thank You Basit.
Cherif Dean B.
Business Owner
Awesome work. He took a hand drawing and turned it into a graphic, exactly like I wanted. I had asked a local print shop to have their graphic artist to make the graphic and was disappointed that they were not able to do what I wanted done. At first I just wanted a second opinion from this artist because he has done work for me in the past. Besides, maybe I was asking for the impossible. Ab-creativegfx said he could do it and he did.
He did a very good job & worked hard to make my requirements as it is not a regular product. He made all the necessary adjustments I requested in trying different things & I am very happy with the overall results.
Funmilayo A.
Product Design
We hired Abdul to effectively rebuild a website using for Elementor Pro. It was a very large project that ran over several months. Abdul was effective and offered good value. Communication was consistent and reliable. Use Abdul Basit with confidence.
Owen S.
Land and Wave
Designer was able to do (better & faster) then what another top rated PPT "specialists" wasn't able to get done. He worked tirelessly to meet an nearly impossible deadline.
Frank Striefler
I really like working with this seller! He has great communication skills, Amazing talent and does perfect work!!!!!!!!!!
Chani Frankel

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